Accessing Live Webinars

How to Access the TESL Ontario Live Webinars?

  1. Create an account at (allow 2 -3 business days for new account approval)
  2. Login to, click on the Groups tab and submit a Request to Join the TESL Ontario Group (allow up to 24 hours for approval)
  3. Once approved, access the TESL Ontario Group by clicking on Groups, then My Groups, then TESL Ontario
  4. Pre-registration for webinars is recommended, to receive email reminders and post-webinar information.To register, within the TESL Ontario group, click on the webinar title you wish to attend, and click RSVP: I will be attending.
  5. To join the live webinar, in the TESL Ontario group, click on the Live Conferencing tab, scroll down to the title Webinar Style and under that click Join Webinar. The webinar will be listed approximately 10 minutes prior to the start time.


Video Tutorial

This video (6:18 mins) shows how to open a Tutela account and access TESL Ontario webinars



Our TESL Ontario webinar team is available by email, if you have questions about any of these steps.